Harr Travel – ALASKA 2019 Information

We are very excited for our Alaska Cruise.  I have been sharing pictures and videos of whales and glaciers and all the exciting adventures ahead with my daughter in preparation for the trip.  There are some important deadlines approaching and we want to make sure that you have the exact experience you want.  What dining, excursions, and adventures do you want?  Listed below are some considerations to make sure this the perfect trip for you and your family.

Round-Trip Airfare

If you are flying using the complimentary airfare from Norwegian, you can only travel on the dates of the cruise.  You will fly out on July 13 and return on July 20.  If you are not using the complimentary airfare from Norwegian and have not booked your flights or would like to add a pre or post trip please reach out to us as soon as possible and we can assist you.  There are still some pretty good airfare rates available, but they fill up quickly.

Airport Transfers

If you are using the complimentary airfare, transfers are included. Your transfer provides a bus/shuttle service from the airport to the cruise ship and from the cruise ship to the airport at the end of the cruise.

If you are interested in extending your trip by adding a pre or post trip you will not be able to take advantage of the complimentary airfare. The complimentary airfare from Norwegian is limited to just the travel dates of the cruise.


When you think about a cruise to Alaska, much of what you are thinking about are the amazing experiences you will have on excursions. Whether it’s landing on a glacier, going on a dog sled ride, whale watching or ziplining you are going to want to make those choices early and get them booked. There are two ways you can book your excursions.

1 – Booking Excursions with Norwegian Cruise Lines
Most of you booked under the “Pick Your Perfect Promotion”. One of the perks you may have selected is the excursion credit.  This means that you would receive a $25.00 credit per person (for the first two people) for each port you visit.  When you book an excursion directly with Norwegian your card would be charged the full amount of the excursion.  Once you board the ship to begin your cruise, your card will be reimbursed $25.00 (for the first two people) for each excursion.   Norwegian is giving you a $25.00 discount for each excursion you book directly with them.

 2 – Book Excursions Directly with Local Vendor for Premium Excursions

When you book excursions with local vendor’s we believe that you receive a higher quality experience and spend a little less.  You will book these excursions directly with us.  This email includes a link with a list of excursions that we highly recommend.  These are the excursions that our clients have loved and that we also take.  Alaska is a very popular cruise and often there is more than one ship in port.  You want to make your selections early so that we can get them booked and reserve your spot.  Contact us with questions and we are happy to assist you in choosing the excursions that will make your trip a true Alaskan adventure.

Ultimate Beverage Package

If you selected the Ultimate Beverage Package as one of your perks you choose the highest value perk available.  The beverage package would cost approximately $700.00 for this cruise had you not selected it as a perk.  Because you selected it as a perk the only portion you will pay for are the tips.  Norwegian will include tips of about $19.50 per day, per person to your bill.  When you make your final payment in March this will be included.  This means that you will not need to pay tips for any drinks while on board.  This includes beer, wine, hard alcohol, juices and soda.  It does not include specialty coffee or bottled water.  This is still a phenomenal value.  If you have not selected this as one of your perks, please let us know and we can take care of it for you.


This ship is a free style cruise ship.  This means that there are no set dining times. There are a wide range of included options for breakfast, lunch and dinner with many choices at the buffet as well as several sit-down options.

If you selected the specialty dining perk, you will receive 3 complimentary specialty dining experiences and you are only responsible for the tip. Norwegian will add approximately $6.00 per person, per dining experience to your final bill to cover the tips. Your meal includes an appetizer, entre’ and dessert.  This is a great way to get to try the specialty dining restaurants without adding additional cost to your trip.

Stateroom Choice

Weather you selected an inside cabin, ocean view, family stateroom, balcony or suite we want to make sure that you understand where your stateroom is on the ship and that your room is the perfect fit for you and your family.  If you have any questions about your stateroom or wish to make any changes, please contact us as soon as possible.  We are happy to assist you.


Double check how your name reads on the ID you will be traveling with.  This is a closed loop cruise that leaves from the United States and finishes in the United States.  This means you can travel with a passport or original certified birth certificate and state issue ID.   There is a link in the e-mail that will cover the exact specifications.  What’s most important is that your name on the cruise manifest matches exactly with your name on the ID you will be traveling with.  Please contact us immediately to confirm your name and/or make any changes necessary.

Online Check-in with Norwegian

Online check in is open and we recommend you do that as soon as possible. Instructions are included in this e-mail on how to set up your online account with Norwegian Cruise Line.  Once you have created your account you will have the ability to book excursions and set dining times and we would help you with this.  Make your selections for excursions, specialty restaurants and dining times no later than March 1 and let us make the reservations for you. It is important that you let us know your selections by March 1 because we are going to send them to Norwegian before they are open to the public and guarantee the best spots available. The first night of the cruise, July 13, we are going to have a group dining experience that you won’t want to miss.  Make your specialty dining reservations after beginning July 14 – July 19 and join us on July 13.