AMA takes their food very seriously.  They are the only river cruise line where the owner, executive chef and each ship are members of the exclusive Chane des Rotisser.  They use only cage free eggs and all of their food is locally sourced, often time on a daily basis.  It is not uncommon to run into the chef and his staff at the local market and they even run tours where you can accompany them.

The daily menus were diverse and delicious.

The daily variety was exceptional and there were always a few more exotic as well as mainstays on the menu.  AMA makes every effort to accommodate all allergies as well as health trends.  They go out of their way to label all allergens when you enter the dining area and let you know exactly what is in their dishes. I also appreciated the wine pairings.  Beer and wine is included with lunch and dinner daily and every day they offer different local wine choice.  They always had a mainstay California White and Red available, but I enjoyed a variety of local varieties that were specially paired with each course.

AMA Waterways offers a complimentary assortment of local sparkling wines and champagne.

Another exceptional space that sets them apart is the Chef’s Table Restaurant at the back of deck 3.  They dedicated a large space to this purpose built specialty gourmet restaurant.  With a glass kitchen, this restaurant is set up for the diner to use all five senses and experience the meal.

The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant is at the back of the ship with beautiful views of the wake. This exceptional experience is included for you at no additional cost.

Each course is a tasting menu and is expertly paired with a wine.  From the Bellini at the start I wasn’t let down.  This is a dining experience that I would happily pay hundreds of dollars for at a quality restaurant.



Something unique to AMA is their selection of tapas made to order in the lounge.  These can be had throughout the day and evening.  This is unique to AMA and I loved everything that I ordered throughout the week.

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