I had a standard Category E small window cabin on this sailing which is the same layout and size of the Category D rooms.  I often call this the swan derriere room as you have a small window that is just above water level.  I got to see the swans swim by throughout the voyage.  Virtually all river cruise vessels offer this type of room due to engineering restrictions.   AMA knows that this isn’t where they make their money, but it is an important category to entice new river cruisers who need an entry level price.

I was able to tour all of the room categories and here is a little feedback.

Category D/E


They have also waived the single supplement for all sailings in these categories.  I love this as I have many clients who prefer their own room, but often times can’t or won’t pay double the price for it.  Though not the most desirable choice on the ship, I did enjoy all of their standard amenities.

The Wi-Fi worked great and each room is outfitted with a Mac computer. The beds were comfortable and the linens, towels and bath amenities resembled that of a 5-star hotel.

I loved the rainforest shower except for the part where my 6’6 frame had to duck a little.  I don’t think that is something that most people would have to worry about.

Category C


This is a great solution for those who prefer to be above the water level.  The large sliding glass window allows for fresh air and great views.  There is no balcony to step out on, but it provides a great alternative to the options on the bottom deck. Other than that, this is virtually identical to the D + E rooms but with the large doors and about 10 more square feet.

Category BB and BA


These room categories are where AMA really sets itself apart.  Viking was the first line on the rivers to offer full balcony staterooms, but AMA saw a better way to do it.  This balcony category is large at 210 sq feet and they have twin balconies.  There is a French Balcony with a sitting area that can be used when it is cold, rainy or too hot.  There is also a step out balcony to compliment this that can be opened up and used when the weather is great.  The bathroom is a great size and the décor was comfortable and tasteful.  The large shower was exceptional for a room this size.

Category AA and AB :


These mid-ship rooms are wonderful.  They are essentially larger versions of the BB and BA categories, but the additional size at 235 sq feet is very noticeable.  It allows one to host friends and family, add a child in the room and have a wonderfully comfortable cruise.  A good friend of mine was in one of these categories and we loved sitting on the larger balcony.

Category AA+


At 290 sq ft this is indeed a large stateroom for a river cruise.  Almost the size of the largest suites, this room is meant for a customer who values space, storage and indoor/outdoor space.  It also has the twin balcony configuration that is so beloved my AMA cruisers.  This offers plenty of room to host a small party and to really spread out and enjoy your experience.

Category SS


This cabin is a beauty.  It is 300 square feet and has a full bathtub and separate shower, as well as loungers on the balcony.  Though not over the top in size like some if its overpriced competitors out there, I think you get incredible value for your money with this option.

Deck Plans

Points of Interest on the AMAPrima

1) Lower Sun Deck
2) Navigation Bridge
3) Bicycles
4) Heated Pool
5) Sun Deck
6) Walking Track

7) Al Fresco Dining Terrace
8) Observation Lounge
9) Main Lounge and Bar
10) Gift Shop
11) Reception
12) Fitness Room

13) Massage & Hair Salon
14) The Chef’s Table Restaurant
15) Main Restaurant
16) Elevator
17) Crew Cabins

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