14 Day Cruise Package

May 10 – 24, 2020 

Explore Germany’s medieval architecture, Sweden’s narrow, winding canals and Russia’s palatial landmarks—including St. Petersburg’s cathedral on an overnight stay.

To add to this amazing itinerary Harr Travel has added an optional excursion package which includes some of our favorite sightseeing opportunities in the region. So sit back, relax and prepare to join in an incredible journey aboard the brand new Nieuw Statendam.

All aboard!

Bonus Perks With Harr Travel

  • Welcome Cocktail Party
  • On-Board Host
  • Up to $800 in Onboard Credit (depends on cabin category)
  • Free Complimentary Excursion
  • Free Pinnacle Grill Dinner
  • Verandah and above receive complimentary internet package

Rooms Starting At $2549    Balconies Starting At $3649

Harr Travel Custom Excursion Package 

  • 6 Privately Hosted Excursions
  • Complimentary Excursion ($300)
  • Privately Hosted Events
  • On-Board Lectures
  • On-Board Access
  • Travel Concierge

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Trip Overview

Join us as we visit the beautiful capitals of the Baltic aboard Holland America’s Nieuw Statendam.  Sailing the Baltic is a truly unique experience because it allows you to visit locations that are much harder to reach by any other mode of transportation. Combine that with scenic cruising, and the luxurious accommodations of the Nieuw Statendam and this will certainly be the vacation of a lifetime!




Day 1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

A stop in Amsterdam offers the chance to explore the sights of one of Europe’s most colorful, dynamic and historic cities—one with a well-earned reputation as a laid-back and inviting place for people of all stripes. Visitors are naturally drawn to the historic city center where you’ll find some of the world’s top art museums, including the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. And at Dam Square, the Amsterdam’s largest public square, you can tour the Royal Palace before continuing to the tourist attractions on the Canal Belt. The iconic network of waterways that surrounds the downtown area offers a picturesque backdrop for sightseeing by bike or canal boat. Be sure to visit the floating Bloemenmarkt to peruse famed Dutch tulips, and take time to wander and window-shop among the narrow lanes of de Jordaan. And you won’t have to look far in Amsterdam to find delicious Dutch treats along the way. Just duck into a cozy brown café to sample a plate of bitterballen with mustard and a beer, and grab a gooey sweet stroopwafel from a street vendor as you stroll.



Day 2 – At Sea

The Nieuw Statendam takes very special pride in their elegant and spacious fleet of ships. They’re some of the best-equipped and most beautifully designed cruise ships in the world. Enjoy a drink as you watch the beautiful scenery slowly pass by.

There is a sense of spaciousness throughout the ship, from generously proportioned public rooms to plenty of outdoor viewing room.



II Copen

Day 3 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the easiest European capitals to fall in love with. The sights of old buildings, cobbled streets and the tower- and turret-dotted skyline lend fairy-tale charm—this was, after all, the home of author Hans Christian Andersen. But make no mistake: This is a thoroughly modern city with international clout.

Restaurants around the world draw inspiration from the New Nordic cuisine pioneered by Noma and other Copenhagen restaurants, while Danish design from this century and the last is universally admired and coveted. Urban planners flock here to try to work out just how the city remains so livable and yet so functional, and despite its wealth of old buildings, Copenhagen’s not locked in the past; there are also thrilling examples of modern architecture.

Copenhagen is a city that’s easy to find things to do and explore on foot or by excellent public transport, where everyone speaks perfect English, the food is fresh and innovative, and there’s plenty of locally brewed beer—which, of course, is best enjoyed sitting by the water on a sunny day.

COMPLIMENTARY EXCURSION – When booking excursion package.

Additional details to follow…



III Warnemude

Day 4 – Warnemunde (Berlin), Germany

Berlin can feel like the exception among Europe’s capitals. While Rome, London and Paris emerged as important cities under the Roman Empire, Berlin wasn’t established until the thirteenth century and only became a significant commercial center in the nineteenth. During the century and a half that it has been on the world stage, its history is almost unbelievable. This was a city that was synonymous with the glittering excesses of the Weimar Republic and then served as the capital of the Nazi regime. For 45 years, it was divided by an infamous wall, with half its citizens living in communist East Germany while West Berlin was an island of capitalist and western values located behind the Iron Curtain.

In 1990, Berlin resumed its role as the capital of a unified Germany. For the visitor today it’s an intriguing, vibrant city. While devastated by bombings in World War II, its museums are still filled with cultural treasures. Thoughtful memorials and museums acknowledged the darker moments of its history, though it is the city’s restaurants, bars, boutiques and galleries that tend to impress most visitors. Berlin enthusiastically embraces its artists and entrepreneurs, creating an exciting atmosphere of possibility.


Day 5 – At Sea

The Nieuw Statendam takes very special pride in their elegant and spacious fleet of ships. They’re some of the best-equipped and most beautifully designed cruise ships in the world. Enjoy a drink as you watch the beautiful scenery slowly pass by.

There is a sense of spaciousness throughout the ship, from generously proportioned public rooms to plenty of outdoor viewing room.



III Estonia

Day 6 – Tallinn, Estonia

On the shores of the Baltic Sea, Tallinn, Estonia’s largest city, is impossibly charming. Northern Europe’s oldest capital—it dates back to the 12th century—is also one of its best preserved, with much of its Old Town constructed when it was a bustling port in the Hanseatic League.

Explore the upper portion on Toompea Hill, where there is an impressive castle and the 19th-century Alexander Nevsky cathedral, a vestige from the Russian Empire, then head to the lower section for churches and merchants’ homes off twisting medieval streets.

Tallinn isn’t, however, simply a historic showpiece. Just a short walk from the UNESCO World Heritage-designated core is a dynamic, future-facing city of glass buildings and trendy restaurants and boutiques catering to the city’s young professionals—as well as visiting travelers.

Excursion Package Inclusion – Private Guided Tour Of Old And New Tallinn
Behind each door of this medieval town is a fascinating–and extremely complicated–history. Luckily, your guide will sort it all out for you as you explore one impressive site after another.
This combined driving and walking tour will introduce you to the medieval city of Tallinn, while also showing you the more modern side of the culture.



V Peters

Day 7/8 – St Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia, emerged from the vision of one man, Czar Peter the Great, at the beginning of the 18th century and was the country’s capital for 200 years, until the Russian Revolution. Pushkin called it Russia’s “window to Europe,” and like Venice and Amsterdam, two cities that inspired Peter, the city was built on a network of canals.

Among the city’s tourist attractions, the Hermitage is its most famous. It is one of the world’s greatest art museums, and the largest museum in the world—with almost three million objects collected in five buildings. Performing arts, too, abound: Many of Russia’s greatest ballets, plays and operas have premiered at the Mariinsky Theatre. Nearby, the summer residences of the czars, including Peterhof, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are dazzling gilded Baroque palaces for sightseeing in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is at its most beautiful during the famous White Nights, when summer days stretch late into evening hours. Residents make the most of the period with festivals and concerts and fun things to do, and the city’s many pastel-colored buildings and neoclassical palaces glow in the warm light of the long days.

Excursion Package Inclusion – Two Day St Petersburg Exploration
Day 1
An early pickup at the ship will bring you into St. Petersburg for an introductory tour of the city. You can expect to see the most beautiful, historical sites in St. Petersburg, with photo stops along the way. Your English-speaking guide is well-acquainted with his/her native city and will prove to be an excellent escort as you see Nevsky Prospekt; the National Library; Kazan Cathedral; the Square of Arts, including the Russian Museum, the Ethnographical Museum, and Michael’s Castle; The Admiralty; Theatre Square with the famous Mariinsky Theatre; and St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Next, you’ll travel to Peterhof for a visit of Fountain Park. It is here that we will share some options for a quick and reasonably priced lunch with enough time to rest your feet and perhaps ask some questions about daily life in Russia.

From here, you’ll travel to the Tsars Village and Catherine Palace. You’ll return to your cruise ship after an amazing day of discovery.

Day 2
The familiar face of your guide will again greet you at the ship and begin your immersion into the city. Today, you will tour the Hermitage Museum and the Church of the Spilt Blood. Your guide will also take you to see everyday life in the city, including some shopping, a visit to the farmer’s market, or a subway ride, if you like.

A late afternoon return to your ship will find you satisfied that your time was wisely spent, as well as wondering when you might be able to return to this city of energy and magic.



VI Hels

Day 9 – Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s capital, Helsinki, is sometimes overshadowed by its larger Scandinavian counterparts, Copenhagen and Stockholm, but the city has its own singular style and appeal. A lively arts and music scene thrives amid splendid Art Nouveau buildings and classic cafés.

The city’s modern architecture is especially exciting: Buildings by Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen should be at the top of your must-see list. Finland’s design output, too, goes far beyond familiar Marimekko prints. Wander into the shops in the city’s Design District or check out the exhibits at the Design Museum (Designmuseo). If the weather is good, you’ll want to hop a ferry to a nearby island or enjoy the catch of the day at a harbor-facing restaurant.

If you are lucky enough to be here in the summer, it’s a magical time of the year, when the days last for up to 19 hours and the entire city sparkles from the sun reflecting off the water.

Excursion Package Inclusion – Helsinki Highlights And Old Town
This fascinating tour contrasts the panoramic city of Helsinki with one of Finland’s oldest and most important historical towns, Porvoo.
Many visitors arrive in Helsinki without knowing its background in art and architecture. A panoramic tour will show you the contrast in its architecture with obvious differences between the stiff stately Russian buildings and the graceful designs of the Finns, particularly Alvar Aalto.
Your tour takes you to Senate Square, one of the most graceful squares in Europe. Your first sights of the city include Uspenski Cathedral (with its magnificent gold domes), The President’s Palace, Market Square on the waterfront (accessible to cargo and fishing boats), and the fountain with the statue of Havis Amanda, the symbol of Helsinki.
We’ll continue to the South Harbour before driving along the famous Finnish design street, Esplanadi, which connects to the main street, Mannerheimintie, named after the great political and military leader Carl Gustav Mannerheim.

The new contemporary art museum, the Kiasma, is on your route, as is the National Museum, the Finlandia Hall, the Parliament Buliding, and the Opera House. Then on to Porvoo!

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland and delivers an important contrast to your view of Finnish history and style. The countryside you travel through to arrive at your destination will give you a glimpse into the more rural lifestyle that many here love.

Arriving in Porvoo, you’ll see why it was an important trading post as far back as the 13th century. The red riverside storehouses formed a medieval harbour where salt and other products were imported. Today, they have become the symbol of Porvoo and it is said that they are the most photographed attraction in the country.

Small, low houses and picturesque yards line the narrow streets of this historical wooden town centre. The prize of the city is the Grand Church, first built in the 13th century and now reflecting a profile of the 15th century.

The town has become a magnet for many artists who have lived and worked in the town. Finnish national poet J.L. Runeberg, painter Albert Edelfeldt, and sculptor Ville Vallgren have all been inspired by Porvoo’s charm. The town is alive with the work of current artists and writers.

Afternoon coffee will be enjoyed in a historical café TeeHelmi in Porvoo Old town. Step in to house end of 18th century, open your eyes to all details and enjoy with all instincts.

As a speciality to Porvoo the cafe serves Runeberg cakes year round, in hometown of Finnish national poet. Inside you find rooms with different themes, Romanovs, rococo and Runeberg. In summer you can enjoy at our garden surrounded with stockhouses from 18th century.

At the end of this wonderful tour, you’ll be returned to the cruise ship pier in Helsinki, perhaps with a souvenir from a local artist that caught your eye!



VII Stock

Day 10 – Stockholm, Sweden

Spread over more than a dozen islands linked by bridges, the Swedish capital of Stockholm is one of the most effortlessly enjoyable cities in Europe. Go sightseeing in Stockholm’s elegant Östermalm with its chic interior design stores; verdant Djurgården with its museums, cultural sights and acres of rolling parkland; ancient Gamla Stan with its cobbled streets that surround the Royal Palace; and trendy Södermalm with its cool neighborhoods and even cooler inhabitants. Stockholm is easy to navigate on foot or by public transport, and wherever you roam, you’re never far from water or parkland attractions in Stockholm.

Food and drink in Stockholm is of a high standard, and recent years have brought a marked improvement in the range of dining options—though it’s hard to resist traditional favorites such as meatballs or herring washed down with a cold beer. The friendly locals speak faultless English, and the only crime you’re likely to encounter has a dragon tattoo and can be found in the bestseller section of a bookshop. And in the unlikely event you ever get bored sightseeing in the stunning city of Stockholm, there are thousands more islands each with many things to do just an easy ferry ride away.

Excursion Package Inclusion – Icons Of Stockholm
This tour takes you around Stockholm to enjoy some of the city’s most unique experiences. Our first stop is to one of the best preserved 17th century warships in the world–the Vasa Museum. Although the ship was considered an enormous failure when she was built, her story has now transformed into a great success.

The present museum is built around the 17th century warship, which sank in Stockholm’s inner harbor on her maiden voyage in 1628. Its discovery in 1956, and subsequent salvage in 1961, is one of the most important events in marine archaeology. Painstakingly restored to much of its original magnificence, the Vasa represents an authentic piece of living history.

Continuing on, we’ll walk the streets of Old Town. This is where the Stockholm saga started, 800 years ago, as the islands in the area emerged from the water. Enjoy the outside air and the refreshing walk on the ancient cobblestones between colorful houses.

We’ll visit the main square, Stortorget, surrounded by 17th century buildings, and have a look at the Swedish Academy, where the Nobel Prize-winner in Literature is announced every year. On the ground floor, you’ll find the Nobel Museum, where pictures of all laureates go around on a clothes line.

We’ll continue with a relaxing drive through the city center of Stockholm and onto the world’s first permanent Icebar. The interior of the icebar is kept at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius year-round. The entire interior, including the glasses, are made of pure, clear ice from the Tome River in Northern Sweden. In order to keep you comfortable, we provide all of our guests with warm fur ponchos and gloves before entering.

A vodka drink will be served in an ice glass and the staff will tell you more about the bar, as well as its construction.



VIII Stock

Day 11 – Cruising Stockholm Archipelago

When approaching the Swedish capital by sea, spare a thought for the captain. It can’t be easy to carefully navigate the narrow channels of the Stockholm Archipelago—channels densely dotted with somewhere in the region of 30,000 islands. Many of these islands are little more than granite outcrops inhabited only by seabirds. Some have thriving communities year round, but many more see their populations rocket in the warmer months when ferry service from the city resumes and Stockholmers escape to spend time at their summer homes and on their boats.

The larger islands have distinct personalities: Sandhamn, for instance, becomes a major sailing hub, its harbor packed with yachts, while Grinda has a famous värdshus—an old-fashioned inn—where people come for dinner and to spend the night. Whatever time of year you visit, the journey through the archipelago to reach Stockholm—which is itself composed of 14 interconnected islands—is always spectacular, and helps you understand why Stockholm’s residents are so proud and protective of this area of outstanding natural beauty.




Day 12 – Kiel (Hamburg), Germany

Located a short 90-kilometer drive or train journey from the seaside port of Kiel, Hamburg is one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan cities. The city’s character is powered by the mighty River Elbe, which passes by Hamburg’s stylish neighborhoods on its way to the North Sea. Often referred to as Germany’s “Gateway to the World” due to its position as the biggest commercial port in the country, the city is filled with an air of maritime mystique and excitement. The city has launched ships since the reign of Charlemagne, but it was also instrumental in launching the musical career of The Beatles, who played in multiple venues in the city before releasing their second single, Please Please Me, in 1962 and rising to fame.

Today, with a newly named UNESCO World Heritage Site, upscale shopping districts and a distinct European flavor, Hamburg retains an energetic and eclectic atmosphere where historic and modern charm meet.

Excursion Package Inclusion – Hidden Treasures Of Hamburg
Get deeply involved with the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and visit all major highlights of the city and see the hidden treasures of the beautiful Alster Lakes and surrounding canals.
After a short transfer from the pier, embark on a canal boat to cruise the Outer Alster Lake.

Pass by the fine residential areas of this metropolis with their affectionately constructed manor houses and impressive flower gardens, as you get a taste of how the locals live.

Continuing on, the scenic cruise will lead you past the city center of Hamburg and along the Alster Park recreation area, on to the famous Jungfernstieg, where our cruise concludes.

Enjoy some free time for lunch and shopping, before meeting back up with your guide to continue sightseeing.

Catch a glimpse at awe-inspiring St. Michael’s Church with its magnificent copper-platet spire and baroque facade. St. Michael’s is still a famous landmark for mariners when sailing into Hamburg.

During your tour, expect to see such highlights as the Town Hall, the Stock Exchange, the Telegraph Tower and the famed Planten and Bloomen Park, before heading back to the ship.


X Arhul

Day 13 – Arhus, Denmark

Denmark’s second city often seems to sit modestly in the shadow of its better-known big sister. But this picturesque town of winding canals and cobbled streets has many of the capital’s charms without its crowds of tourists. As well as dictating its waterside confines, Århus’s location on the east coast of the Jutland Peninsula yields a rich natural bounty that the city’s restaurateurs have exploited with aplomb. Dishes such as caviar and wood smoke at Frederikshøj, or rye and rabbit ravioli at Restaurant Substans, have helped win a clutch of Michelin stars for the region’s pioneering chefs and cement it as a frontrunner of the New Nordic food scene; its affordable street food offerings are no less exciting.The city also holds its own on the design and architecture front, boosted by its 2017 designation as a European Capital of Culture, which resulted in a collection of waterside developments that are architecturally innovative, but anchored by a simple and pleasing Danish aesthetic. In short, this is a city in which to relax, imbibe, and enjoy both the bracing Danish sea air and a touch of laid-back metropolitan class.


Day 14 – At Sea

The Nieuw Statendam takes very special pride in their elegant and spacious fleet of ships. They’re some of the best-equipped and most beautifully designed cruise ships in the world. Enjoy a drink as you watch the beautiful scenery slowly pass by.

There is a sense of spaciousness throughout the ship, from generously proportioned public rooms to plenty of outdoor viewing room.




Day 15 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome back!  Upon returning to Amsterdam you will have the opportunity to join our post package and experience Tulip Time, or we can put together a custom post package. There is so much to explore in Amsterdam that you definitely want to take a couple extra days to explore this amazing city.



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