There are places in each city where you can get a really amazing orientation; in Paris it is the Eiffel Tower, London the Eye and Cologne the Cathedral.  This is that place in Amsterdam.

As one of the only new (think 3 or 4 years) modern buildings in Amsterdam they have a distinct advantage.  When the weather is nice the outside deck is spectacular.  We had a few cocktails and even cancelled our dinner reservations as we weren’t ready to leave until we could see the sunset.  If you do want sunset views, you should get there early as it can get crowded.  If the weather is not superb, the inside bar is wonderful as well.  More on the hotel.  I use the Doubletree for groups quite often for many reasons.  If you are boarding or disembarking on a river cruise, most likely your ship is a few hundred yards away.  The rooms are up to the top modern standards with Mac computers, air conditioning and heat.  The restaurant downstairs is fantastic and the Starbucks on the ground floor is very convenient.  Service is spot on and I have enjoyed all of my stays there. The picture below is from our room.


Taken from the Skylounge of the DoubleTree Centraal Station


Fun Facts:
-DoubleTree Amsterdam Centraal Station was built in 2011.
-DoubleTree Amsterdam Centraal Station is HHonorsReward Category 7
-Amsterdam has 421 hotels and an additional 213 or so in the city’s metropolitan region.