Twelve years ago, I was very new to the travel industry but knew I absolutely loved everything about travel and the business of travel.

Two years ago, that calling was too strong, so I decided to take a major risk and stepped away from my very rewarding and stable job as a teacher. I knew I wanted pursue my lifelong aspiration of starting my own business helping make my clients travel dreams come true, spend more time with my little one and focus on my health to try find ways to lessen the impact that Rheumatoid Arthritis has had on my immune system.

This year, I am fortunate that all the hard work and great people around have made this a banner year for Harr Travel. I was just named to our Circle of Excellence as the #2 agent in sales out of 3800 agents in our organization. Even more meaningful to me, I was also awarded the first ever “Alchemist” award as our organization’s top luxury agent, for my focus on my service and attention to my client’s unique luxury experiences.  I couldn’t be happier to say that these aspirations have come to fruition quite a bit quicker than I ever thought possible.  This is due to a lot of hard work, but also having amazing people around me.  I want to thank them all, but today I wanted to say a heartfelt and special thank you to my mentor in the travel industry, Jackie Friedman.

Over a decade ago I met Jackie at an ASTA tradeshow.  I was new to the industry and she patiently explained to me the benefits of working with a host agency.  What I was most impressed with was the fact that she stressed that I should make the decision that would be best for ME and my future ambitions. Right then and there I joined the Nexion team and haven’t looked back.

From our very first interaction Jackie has treated me with respect, dignity and kindness.  She has had my back at every turn and has been a wonderful source of advice about everything from client experience to management skills.  When I decided to make the jump to selling travel full time, she encouraged me to stay true to myself and personally helped clear some of the hurdles in my way.  The thing I love the most about Jackie and the Nexion team that has become a family to me, is that our success is shared.  We are a team and she is our coach, general manager and lead cheerleader.

Jackie, thank you for all that you do for me, my family and everyone else in our organization and industry.