Honeymoon Planned Perfectly

You’ve spent months and countless hours planning your wedding and now it is time for your reward: the honeymoon. Let us help you by taking the stress of having to plan your honeymoon off your plate. Rather than you sorting through endless catalogs and websites to find that perfect spot, we will do the legwork for you. We will visit with you to learn more about what your ideal honeymoon looks like and then take your wishes and present you with several options to from which to choose.

How to choose your location

Now that you’ve set your date for the wedding and are ready to plan your honeymoon you’ll need to decide where you want to celebrate. Picking your location can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help narrow down all of the options and find the perfect spot for your special getaway.

Here are some tips when picking the destination.

  1. Visualize your perfect honeymoon. When you close your eyes and visualize your honeymoon, what do you see? Is it a white sandy beach with beautiful turquoise water and a melting sun in the distance? Maybe you see yourselves on the high seas aboard a cruise ship, watching traditional dancing at a luau, or perhaps you see a fairy-tale celebration through Disney.
  2. Scheduling. When planning your departure date for your honeymoon think about the date and time of your ceremony. If you are having an evening wedding, it may be a good idea to not have your departure date be the next morning. Chances are good that you’ll be having a late night and having to get up early to catch a morning flight could be difficult. Consider leaving a couple of days after your wedding.
  3. Time away. If you think you can only get away for a few nights you may want to opt for a destination where the travel time is limited. Getting to and from some destinations can be an all-day affair while others can be a short flight away.
  4. Passports. Consider whether or not passports are needed to get to your destination. If they are required and you don’t have them, think about if you have time in your schedule to go to the passport office to obtain one.
  5. Name changes. Officially changing and going by your new married name is something some brides eagerly anticipate. For your honeymoon travel, it is best to use your maiden name. With the seemingly endless list of to-dos for your wedding, adding a trip to DMV and social security office and also updating your passport is something that takes a lot of time and just adds to your plate.
  6. Perks. There are a number of resorts that offer perks for honeymooners. Depending on the resort, you could get things such as a free candlelight dinner on the beach, spa treatment services, room upgrades, and more. Let us help you find the best resort with the best perks for your honeymoon!